Editor’s Pick: Best of Free Online Web-based Applications

Posted on 09 October 2008

While cost of decent broadband is falling, Demand for free online web-based application is increasing. Editors at ixibo.com have picked a handful of web applications that they think, we cannot afford to ignore.In fact they insist that these online free applications should become part of our daily virtual lives. We are eager to hear from our readers as what they think about this list. It would really be helpful, if you can leave in comments, a list of web applications that you use on daily basis.

Google (The One)


Google is your best friend. In fact the best friend on Internet. From search services to creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Managing your email to cataloging your pictures. creating Website or optimizing them.. Google has something for everyone.Google Labs and its graduates top our list of best free online web applications because it deserves it.

Check out Detailed List of Google Products and Google Labs

CreativePro Office

While our team do believe that Google is King, we also realize that Internet is much much bigger than Google. There is life beyond it and what a wonderful life it is. A good alternative to Google docs and Office Live products is CreativePro Office.

Primo Online (Free PDF Creation)

PrimoOnline is probably the best & most efficient way to create .PDF files online and its free. It can’t get cheaper than that. Good news is that you can create PDF files from over 300 type of files. It also allows you to have PDF created from a URL. Downside is that there is size limit of 5 MB per file. It can also deliver the file via email to your inbox.

Windows Live OneCare(Windows Security Scanner)

Our team thinks its not fair to ignore Microsoft, when it comes to free online services. It has been serving us by providing one of the best free email services aka Hotmail(admit it– even you have one), MSN Messenger and its latest contribution Windows Live OneCare.

Hide My Ass( Free Web Proxy)

Hide my ass is a free online anonymous proxy service that hides your online identity from the site you visit. Not only you can hide your IP address, you can also use this service to bypass your work/school web filters :) It comes handy when you feel the need to visit sites like facebook in a protected network like office or college.

Encrypt / Decrypt


Only God or Paul Acoins (A fellow Editor) knows why someone would need to use this. According to Paul:

This is service for securing your messages in an easy way. All you need is only to enter a message text of your message and encryption password. The password will be used for both encryption and decryption. The system will encrypt your message using strong encryption algorithm, and it will be secure for sending. Anyone who intercepts the encrypted message without password will not be able to read original message.

Tiny Paste

TinyPaste is a Website where you can paste lots of text and it gives you a URL so that you can share it with friends via SMS or Email. How useful it is? we leave that question to you but we use it a lot, especially in our small office, its a fashion. It’s In to send tiny URLs ;)

Who’s Amung Us (Live Web Statistics)

Its a great service that lets you track visitors on your Website. Its free , its live and its very easy to install. You don’t need to give any details to get the widget. once installed, It provides you complete history of your Website traffic in form of charts , maps and graphs. The only down side is that it does not track referrers. It does not tell you where the traffic is coming from. Only if they add this feature to this great service, It would be a complete Website tracking solution. Probably they are planning to offer that at a later stage and probably it would not be free. but over all its a good service and we are enjoying the fireworks till it lasts…

Browser Shots

Browsershots makes screenshots of your favorite Website in different browsers. It is a free open-source online service. When you submit your URL, it is added to a queue. A number of distributed computers will open that Web site in their browsers. Then they will take screenshots and upload them to the central server. You can than download them or view them at your will. Normally, the screenshots are kept there for about half an hour before they are deleted. our developers simple loves this site.

There are many more online applications that we left out due to space constraint or simply the reason that we did not like them… but that is all for now :)

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4 Responses to “Editor’s Pick: Best of Free Online Web-based Applications”

  1. Wow thats a cool list i have seen some but I’m going to go check that Primo online thanks

    John Sullivans last blog post..Harnessing the Power of Social Networking

  2. Murty BVNS says:

    In webanalytics category http://www.woopra.com is the best notable software available.

  3. R. MAK. says:

    @Murty: Our team considered Woopra for inclusion but we rejected the software for following reasons.

    1. Woopra Signups takes like forever to approve..

    2. Its in beta and according to website:
    “Woopra is free of charge during the Beta testing phase. Both free and paid plans will be available as soon as Woopra is officially released. Enterprise editions for commercial, high traffic sites, will also be available.”

  4. Getclicky is another great free analytics tool. Sure, there’s a paid pro version, but I’ve found the basic edition to be outstanding and even a bit more insightful than google analytics.

    microtransactions last blog post..GamersFirst inks deal with A2M, Canada’s largest independent game developer


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