Beyond iPhone: Top 10 Concept Phones

Posted on 07 October 2008

Yes! there is life beyond iPhone. Companies in wireless phone business are hiring, some of the brightest minds on the planet, to create an ideal phone for ever growing wireless market. Internet is full of concept phone designs, some of which may never see the daylight and will die in labs. But there will be few, who will prevail and shape the future of wireless industry.

Wireless phones have become more than mere devices to communicate. Today, humans wear them and they are as much as part of our personality as our cloths, car and house. Wireless phones are sometimes indicative of our social and economic status. Especially to strangers, they give away a lot about us…

As promised, I am listing here top 10 concept wireless phones which I would like to see in the market as soon as possible..

  1. Nokia 888

  2. Asus Aura

  3. Bence Bogar

  4. Soft Phone

  5. Nokia Scentsory

  6. NEC “Tag”

  7. Nokia Morph

  8. Chanel Choco

  9. Sony Ericsson Ai

  10. Nokia Aeon

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7 Responses to “Beyond iPhone: Top 10 Concept Phones”

  1. I liked the Nokia 888 and the one about Sony Ericsson. Still they are only concepts and not yet created though. :)

    Daniel Richards last blog post..4 Simple Ways To Let Your Blog Run RIOT

  2. Droftware says:

    Quite a cool post,all the nokia phones are nice,
    Soft phone is a nice concept.

    Droftwares last blog post..Add options to right click Menu

  3. These are fantastic ideas. I’m positive we are close to some of them becoming reality. For example the “Nokia aeon” can’t be too far away.
    Nice post.

  4. Thats some cool cell phones

  5. paras wadher says:

    gr8 collection !!!

    but i think these cellphones are not yet been out !!!!!

    paras wadhers last blog post..Apple’s Future

  6. Driving says:

    Nokia has the best concepts


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