This Is How Your Server Room Should Be!

Posted on 29 September 2008

A few days back I posted a story on worst server rooms. I think now it is time to share with you how a server room or data center should look like. I don’t know if these examples are practical or not but sure they look very beautiful. They surely reflect upon the personality of system administrators. This structured and neat cabling looks very professional. I would love to have a data center like this. I guess my hosting company sees this and follow to reduce the downtime.

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52 Responses to “This Is How Your Server Room Should Be!”

  1. Paul R says:

    Just a FYI. Most of them are comms cabinets not server cabinets – very different beasts when it comes to installation. Plus, even the server cabinets aren’t correct – not a single one of them could be pulled out on their rails without having to be disconnected first. Also, pic 4, that power lead just dangling there is atrocious, that lead will fall out very easily, and then your cabinet cooling is gone.

  2. R. MAK. says:

    @Paul R
    Thanks to your keen observation. Most of them are patch panels. I stand corrected.

    But.. You cannot deny that they look really cool :)

    R. MAK.s last blog post..This Is How Your Server Room Should Be!

  3. Ashish says:

    Very good example.

    Ashishs last blog post..Popular Open Source Version Control systems

  4. Ryan says:


  5. Rick_of_racy says:

    Damn, Did they run the cables first or move the boxes? What if you have to pull a wire? Do you just leave it there?

    kudos to the admin tho

  6. Signal Soldier says:

    While they may look pretty they are still forgetting one key factor. There is no labeling to be found.
    So when that bumbling idiot replaces a piece of hardware and just disconnects everything you have no clue where it goes.
    All cables should have two labels on them. What they connect to, and where they are going. Saves so much time down the road.

  7. Michael says:

    Great shots. I have often wondered what these places look like. Thanks for the photos.

    Michaels last blog post..Cloud-capped

  8. Usama says:

    Oh WoW

    I haven’t imagined this before

  9. cchiovitti says:

    *Screams* Ahhhh, the Clean! It burns my eyes!!!

    cchiovittis last blog post..Trying a new layout.

  10. lonmax says:

    pain in the ass is more like it. Try tracing a cable when you have to with 7 tie wraps every 2 feet…

  11. toyssets says:

    I think my past server was set like that. Very clean and very lean.

  12. Bree says:

    One word. WOW

  13. kristrr says:

    That’s the way the server room have to be, Nice setting..

    kristrrs last blog post..Download YouTube videos to your hard disk

  14. Pajero says:

    Amazing how pretty that stuff can look. Would be great to see some higher resolution pics.

  15. Simon says:

    That’s just the back of some patch panels. They all look like that, if a competent cabling contractor was used. Show us the front where the patch leads are, I bet it’s a lot messier…

  16. dropstep says:

    I remember working for Siemens GMBH.

    With no exceptions to the rules, all cabling had to be like this.

    If both ends of the cables are not marked, you will have hell finding and replacing the cable.

  17. geekfree says:

    some people enjoy porn. some people never have sex, get a life fags

  18. eryx says:

    Wow, who knew zip ties were could be so beautiful

  19. Nico says:

    tain c ouf

  20. Toto says:

    On dirait le serveur de NTK. C’est vraiment la classe !

  21. clock says:

    Looks like perfection.

  22. Evan says:

    Replace all zip ties with Velcro and then we’re talking. I have to admit though, that makes the network I manage look like a disaster.

  23. those guys deserve an award for excellent house keeping.

  24. speedyplastic says:

    All NEW server racks look like this. Lets come back in 5 years when thre have been things pulled out and new things installed. When a cabinet is hooked up the first time it should always look this nice.

  25. Ryan G says:

    Nicely organised.

  26. scott says:

    wow! You know how to zip tie cables your mother must be very proud

  27. Lincoln Yeo says:

    I have always done installs in this manner – It is the standard for competent contractors. Where it gets messy is when people want more installed after initial installation…

  28. lol says:

    Good luck changing cable spots :D

  29. Raskolnikov says:

    Estimated time for single cable replacement: 72 hours.

    Estimated time for new cable run: 3 days.

    Amount of time spent trying to appease some anal retentive IT manager with excessive use of zip ties: priceless.

  30. anonymousity says:

    NO!!.. this is bad.. really bad.. it takes really long time to look for damaged cable.. and it took longer time to open the ties.. replace the cable and to re-tie the cable..

    Stupid work.. actually

  31. Brian says:


  32. DX says:

    I actually used to do this on HP Cabinets with at least 14 DL360G5 or G6′s and one day had a bad cable on a customers cabinet!

    Finding the cable wasn’t hard due to proper tagging on both ends, like someone said, where does it go to and what is it for is a must!

    Also, you can’t pull out the server unless you unplugg it, so servicing on site is a no-no.

    Looks beautiful but its such a waste at the end when you have to undo half of it to get but one damn cable. Although if isn’t marked, its no biggie, there’s tools for pinging a cable and finding it that was as well.

  33. Now that is sleeek!

  34. BINS says:

    thank for this information, i could
    understand the technology

  35. Saudi Arabia says:

    man its really cool, what else can i say…amazing! i am going to try em all in my cabinets but with my own creativity :P Top 10

  36. rolando says:

    using zip-ties is a bad idea it doesn’t comply with telecom standards, people forget they sell management wracks

  37. IamShado says:

    Some of those drive me crazy just looking at them. They look nice and all but all those zip ties are a pain in the a** if you ever have to trace out a cable or add a new one. Is it really necessary to put a tie every inch? I can make a rack look just fine without that many ties and it will be much easier to work with in the future.

  38. laksa says:

    c’mon guys I’m working as a IT engineer and we are doin better job then this Couple things: 1. this is new instalations and cabinet dressed like this are standard now 2. this cables are inside cabinet so after instalation and test they should be working for ages without touching them and seeing them often 3. work like this you can be eazy mest up by shi.. pached cable on another site of the panel and i’m telling you good paching is the key

  39. fdisker says:

    The few server racks they show are tidy but in most enterprise environments most servers have at least three network cables and two power cables. One of the racks shows this but it has it’s switches mid rack. Looks to be a drop in rack for a remote site and they don’t have a large presense. Defective cables are a breeze to resolve. Cut the end near the closest tie or a bit beyond it if you want to hide it and run a new patch. I prefer velcro as adding a new patch is much easier. A proper cable manager on the side keeps future cabling clean and helps keep different sized servers from screwing up your plans.

  40. I think I’ll buy one and mount my recording equipment (amplifiers, equalizers, cd,…) in it an put it under my desk.

  41. Leo says:

    while i agree that in the perfect world servers or networking equipment should be cabled neatly and labeled properly. In the real world this is an indicator of bad management (system admin with too much time for a simple task)

    If you are running a business you are doing so to make money, while i understand that this ends ub being more efficient fore maintenance and cooling it eats too much time.

    (witch is a very scare resource in the IT industry)

  42. Patrick says:

    That’s ridiculous. If neat cabling is a priority with management, it’s a small matter to hire someone to handle it.

  43. Jeff says:

    Audio technicians have been doing that kind of wiring for decades. I laugh when I see the work of most data wiring. Good to see IT is finally catching up – must be the work of an old audio installer!
    Looks nice

  44. Cris says:

    Look good, but is impractical.. in you schema if you need to do ANY maintenace on a server you need to disconnect from the network..

    What’s the reason to have all devices hot plug if you have to disconnect the network anyway ?

    Same for the patch cord, instead of the white one time use only clips, why not using the black one that you can reopen ?

  45. I love those server rooms they are quite clean and well managed. It is really necessary that the wire/cables that connects to the server should be managed properly. This is helpful in many ways like if something goes wrong then you will know which cable is where and even during maintenance. Thanks for sharing it.


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