Google Betrays Mozilla By Releasing Its Own Browser: Google Chrome

Posted on 02 September 2008

Google was one of major patrons of Mozilla Foundation. It spent millions of dollars to help promote Firefox. All of this was not for the love of open-source or general public. Google wanted  Mozilla to capture most of Internet Explorer’s market share so it can promote it’s toolbar. And eventually deliver all of those customers at it’s doorstep when it launches it’s own browser a.k.a. Google Chrome. It is quite impressive stuff actually & shows that good indeed hired some of the greatest and meanest minds on planet.

Despite what Google says on it blogs, its not at bleeding edge of technology. It is Google’s attempt to mimic and mix best features of Internet Explorer(silver light), Mozilla FireFox(Tabs) and Opera 9.0(Fast Dail). For a detailed review of technology behind Google Chrome and Shameless promotion of Google Development team take a look at this Comic written about Google Chrome. You might also like to read a few stupid FAQ’s about Chrome Technology by one of Google team members.

Google is making this project open source which is mainly due to anti-trust fears.But the question is still there… What is future of Mozilla Foundation? Google indeed used it as a proxy against Microsoft,

Will Google continue to support Fire Fox or Will Fire Fox be cannibalized by Google’s Chrome?

Currently the facts and events are more favored toward cannibalization of Mozilla. I would be very interesting to watch how google goes about killing Firefox. Interesting times ahead folks… we are entering another era of browser wars between Google and Microsoft as browsers are the operating system of future of web known as Web 2.0.

Rumor had it for quite some time that google was playing dirty at Mozilla. The new launch of browser proved that those rumors were not just rumors..there was some truth to them.

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7 Responses to “Google Betrays Mozilla By Releasing Its Own Browser: Google Chrome”

  1. The timing is no surprise either considering that Google removed the referrals element from AdSense at the end of August 2008 where Firefox was the key component.

  2. MoiN says:

    Good write, Mansoor!

    I also had a change to confront the GC Bugs! :)

    MoiNs last blog post..Google Chrome Bugs, Issues and Stuff I realized

  3. I’ll call it ‘dirty’ business strategy to grab a greater percentage of the market. Firefox won’t be able to cope with the competition because Google have fund to promote its browser and they already control the search engine market.

    Users love one stop shopping, so your guess is as good as mine that many will begin to switch over to Google Chrome since it will integrate naturally with the Google Search engine.

    I guess they will throw in some other features as perk to encourage more users to switch.

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  4. jeff says:

    im staying with firefox… they still seem to offer more. why fix what isnt broken?

  5. Ash says:

    Here is another perspective to the story with tests and positives of Google chrome.

  6. Ash says:

    Its all about advertisement business for longer run. Google don’t have to pay a penny once they start showing the ads on browser itself. All the bloggers, web owners will feel cheated too.

    Ashs last blog post..Google Chrome a revolutionary web browser or is it ?

  7. Hashim Kamal says:

    I have been with firefox and have no problem with it. Tried GC and didn’t quite like it. Maybe I have not got use to it. However, why the need to change if something you are using is still good? Hope nobody…NOBODY in this world should dominate and control. It’s outrageous if it happens. We must have alternatives. Are we not born free from fear and favour?

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