Black Hole Created By Swiss-France Particle Accelerator Will Eat the Earth?

Posted on 08 September 2008

As final preparation for turning on the Swiss-France Particle Accelerator are underway, there is a growing concern among physics scientists and students that the collision of particles at near light speed can create a black hole that will start to suck-in the time and space around it. It will be matter of hours that the whole earth will be sucked into it.  This Particle accelerator is 3 story tall and 27 kilometers long. So far this is world’s largest and most expensive particle accelerator.

A Sliced Section of Swiss-France Particle Accelerator

This machine accelerates the PROTONS using a method similar to a bullet train. What these mad scientists are going to do is they will accelerate the protons to near light speeds (that is each proton will rotate more than 11,000 times around the huge tube in a second). 

when these protons will reach that speed they will make them collide with each other and will observe the fireworks…. very very small fireworks but very dangerous ones. More Details on report here

It is very much possible that such collision at near light speed will create tiny black holes that will suck everything in and transport it to another dimension of time and space..  Even when rebutting the fears of black hole creation, scientists do admit that there is a possibility of things going wrong… that really worries me as very little is know about black holes.

physicists are getting a little too close to god for comfort. They’re worried that this experiment could destroy the Earth, because one possibility is that the machine will make miniature black holes. De Rujula describes miniature black holes as particles of extraordinary density compared to usual objects.

There is a great deal to worry even when this report by NY Times says otherwise. but it also states

Some critics argue that CERN has ignored or played down a risk that the collider could produce a black hole that would swallow the Earth or create some other dangerous particle.

God Save us all….

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8 Responses to “Black Hole Created By Swiss-France Particle Accelerator Will Eat the Earth?”

  1. Robert Katsnelson says:

    The chance of a small black hole forming is as large as the chance of us being hit by Gamma Ray Burst, or any other absurd apocalyptic scenario. We shouldn’t stop research for something so unlikely to happen.

  2. BR says:

    Columbus was supposed to sail off the edge of the flat earth too.

    Please…most estimates are that if such “micro” black holes do manifest that they will not even have sufficient energy to power a light bulb and will disapate in miliseconds.

  3. Hunter says:

    What they are worried about is a small black hole will be created (with only a few protons at its core). It will be big enough too suck in surrounding atoms and grow in size and strength until it consumes the world.

  4. butch says:

    oh this isn’t crazy at all?!

  5. R. MAK. says:

    @ butch

    Thanks for your comment… I hope you can elaborate your point further…

    R. MAK.s last blog post..Black Hole Created By Swiss-France Particle Accelerator Will Eat the Earth?

  6. butch says:

    to be honest i heard about this, and ive been trying to find out some info on it, i was hoping that comment i made would give me some more info but i guess not.

  7. Gibran Watson says:

    Um, here is the voice of reasoning speaking so elegantly through me, please stop what you are doing because it is really, really, really a bad idea.

    We do not need any amounts of black holes here on Earth or anywhere near this solar system.

    Seriously though??! Seriously???!! No, are really serious??!! I guess so. Stop for everyone and everything’s sake.

    Gibran Watson’s last blog post..How to wire a Cat-5 Cable with RJ45 connectors using wiring standards

  8. Illuminating and a joy to read! I have added your website to my favorites sites. Please keep me updated!


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