Top 5 Gadgets of the Week

Posted on 20 August 2008

Starting from Week 33 of 2008, we will bring you exciting and unique gadgets from around the web. these  will include some of the sexiest and wackiest gadgets.

Camera For Blind People

Next time whey you see a person trying to push a camera like object to his / her forehead, do not think he is gone mad or missed his/her medication. Most probably he is a visually impaired person trying to take a photographs.

The back of this device contains a Braille display sheet that embosses a 3D image of picture being taken so to shoot a picture you have to press this camera on your forehead and press the click button. Apart from being a great gadget for visually impaired people. It is also a really cool toy for people with good vision as some people would like to “feel” their private photo sessions with girlfriends.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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16 Responses to “Top 5 Gadgets of the Week”

  1. krispy says:

    yeah, 1st post

    who cares about another damn alarm clock? really?
    spongebrush on the other hand is revolutionary. that braille thing aint bad either. im particularly fond of that transmission blocker. hmmm, that gives me an idea…

  2. Bill Vincent says:

    Cool gadgets, but you might want to add a disclaimer: Mobile phone jammers are illegal in many countries, including most of the USA, as unlicensed use of FCC-controlled frequencies as well as the willful interference with the signals being illegal!

  3. Cool gadgets. But I am afraid the GSM phone jammer is one that will give everybody concern.

    I think it should be highly regulated. Else, criminals will make terrible use of it. I can’t imagine a criminal having one in his pocket while his victim tries unsucessfully to send an SOS message or call 911

    nice post.

  4. Bob says:

    Yes, I can understand the concern over the jammer. If someone comes at me with a knife or gun I will immediately ignore any physical threats and go straight for my cell phone so that 911 can record my dying description of my assailant.

  5. Ken says:

    I like the camera for blind people. I have a blind grandma and This type of gadget will be helpful for her.

    Kens last blog post..i-Wings and i-Fairy: Silverlit Wing Master New Collection

  6. Ryan G says:

    Phone Jammer – That’s a steep price to pay for such a short range. As a note, I know that some rich guy from Dubai has bought a house in a large square in London. Since he moved in, anybody trying to make a call anywhere in the square. I’ve no idea why.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ryan, please remember to grammar check your posts in future – your sentence was poorly structured and had no semantics.

    OT – The phone jammer looks pretty handy, shame the range:cost isnt too good.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous, semantics means the study of meaning. Very few sentences have semantics.

  9. Ryan says:

    The spongebrush seems like it would hold any bacteria from the mouth quite well and dispense it later on.

  10. Jeff says:

    I like the phone jammer idea. I have a much lower-tech device that will turn off most TVs. Kind of fun in a Chili’s on occasion. What I really want is a device that either turn off loud car stereos or send a frequency that will simply destroy the sub-woofers.

  11. web says:

    Cool Camera For Blind People.

  12. Grumpy says:

    How many STUPID criminals would spend $250 on a piece of electronics that doesn’t play hip-hop or rap? And how much thought do you really think goes into a random act of violence? We’re not talking Lex Luther here. I’d like one that just jammed those moron texters who have no idea anymore of how to talk to another human-being. (Much less, how to spell or use the English language.)

  13. Tim says:

    Speaking of Rap/hiphop-How about a jammer for those BOOM car morons?



  14. paras wadher says:

    i like ur work !!
    can u just get their price too !!!!

    so anebody can dream to aquire them!!

    paras wadhers last blog post..Apple’s Future

  15. Arif says:

    cmon guys, any blind people with a lot of money will buy this product! we just won’t buy it because we are not blind.