How to Keep Your Digg Friends Happy!

Posted on 13 August 2008

Digg is one of most democratic social bookmarking sites. Making stories popular on digg is quite difficult these days unless you spend all your time on digg and have a good deal of active friends. In my case I have more than 200 friends on digg. It is almost impossible to digg all their shouts. I get around 50 to100 shouts each day. If I don’t digg them daily they pileup and people get angry at me and don’t digg my shouts.

Recently I found a great tool that made my digg life very easy. I just need to spend less than an hour on digg. I digg all my incoming shouts and delete them with ease. My friends are happy and they have started to digg more shouts of mine.  Although I have not reached first page with any of my stories. Still all my submissions get about 10 – 20 diggs on average after I shout them. Which is improving each day as my reputation for digging all incoming shouts is building up as I digg my way into people’s shouts.

You will need following (All Links open in new window/Tab)

  1. FireFox Browser
  2. Grease Monkey Addon
  3. Digg Shout Script for Grease Monkey
  4. Digg Delete Shout Script for Grease Monkey
  5. 15 -30 minutes of your time daily

These Digg Shout Script change the look of your Incoming shout page by adding a digg button below each story. all you have to do is aim your mouse for [ digg ] and click. It will trun into [ digg it ] and then into [ dugg ]. You can click all shouts on the page in less than a minute. I have just fallen in love with this feature.

The Digg Delete Shout Script removes the confirmation dialogue that pops up each time you delete a shout. When used in combination of Digg Shout Script, it keeps your friends happy and your shout pages clean.

It’s very easy and you will be surprised to see how easy it is to digg shouts of your friends. Now I think you don’t have any excuse not to digg your friends stories. Let’s start digging then..

Here is my profile on Digg , Add me as friend. let’s make each other’s stories popular, One Digg at a time.

Source: Greasemonkey Script to Help Digg Your Incoming Shouts

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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7 Responses to “How to Keep Your Digg Friends Happy!”

  1. Tomboys says:

    When will it be made for Macs?

    Tomboyss last blog post..Meet the “Real” Tomboys

  2. IntoXicator says:

    Thanks for such a great post! :)

    IntoXicators last blog post..Sony Ericsson announces T700 Cell Phone

  3. DiggMan says:

    always research before you post…
    this script has been discouraged by digg and you can get banned for this..

  4. Netologist says:

    Doesn’t this kind of defeat the whole point of Digg? Raising articles because someone asked you too, not because the article actually merits being dugg or not? Bizarre.

    Whilst I’m on a rant, what is it with the internet and peoples obsession with how many ‘friends’ they have??

  5. Maria says:

    Well, I am sure you have heard about Social Media Marketing. Digg and other sites like these are in fact seen as tools for SMM Marketing People.

    Digg and SU are infact a great / Only source of traffic for small / Medium sized bloggers who are trying to make a living out of this.

    This post seems to target such individuals, who want to save some time.

    On the other hand, People will still digg stories just to please their friends. It’s just a tool that make the task a bit easier.

    I liked it and will definitely use it.

  6. Batavier says:

    Interesting tips, but I must agree with some of the posters: this defeats the whole point of Digg and comparable services. If you automate the confirmation, that’s fine, but if you just click all the Diggs sent to you, the whole ‘quality checking’ gets thrown out of the window.

    Plus I agree with Netologist, what’s this obsession with having as many online “friends” as possible? It’s not a high score or something. :)

  7. Dean Striker says:

    maybe this was okay, but
    requires firefox 2.x, 3.0 not yet
    requires iMacro plugin
    They’re not up-to-date with this.

    I’m gonna see about Greasemonkey on it’s own.