Strong Reasons Why you should not install SezWho Plugin

Posted on 23 July 2008

Bloggers struggling for traffic often opt for Entre Card and install the widget on side bar. Now SezWho and Entre Card have joined hands and launched a WordPress plugin that offer incentives for commenting on other people’s blogs.

The whole concept of Entre Card is so bizarre that it is being termed by Google and Alexa as spam. Alexa does not count Entre Card Droppers as visitors to your blog. There are also inside reports that Google is going to drop ranking of blogs using Entre Card for traffic. It has already stopped counting SezWho / Comment Luv  links as valid back links for Google Page Rank. They are considering this Just fully so as companies basically thrive on blogger’s greed for traffic & popularity. They do bring traffic

and comments but if you think for a moment about quality of traffic it brings. you will right away stop using the both. Its just not worth it. Apparent benefits are so little to justify the hidden costs. In fact the whole idea is lame.

If you want traffic to your site, you should go for organic search engine traffic that only is possible by following Google Webmaster Guide Lines. My Advice…

  1. Content is King, Publish high quality and  original posts regularly (Google loves fresh content)
  2. Tag your posts religiously.
  3. Digg, stumble, reddit , furl your every post that is worth sharing.
  4. “Patience is a Virtue , My Friend”

Increasingly bloggers are reporting that Entre Card and especially SezWho plugin can slow down your blog and increase your bounce rate. I have searched in Google and found following random opinions from first three pages of Google results. Read them and make up your mind about the plugin.

On the Bricks Blog says

Plus this SezWho thing is a little slow. Ok, that is when it works/shows. I loaded it late last night, nothing worked. I came on the site today and it works but the little stars seems to delay in showing up. And that  pop up that shows people past comments is so annoying! It would maybe be alright if it popped up, then when you move the cersur off of the subject, it would go away. But you have to take time to check the x to turn it off.
I installed SezWho just to go along with others and to be a ‘Team Player’. But I just can’t say at this minute just how long I will leave on this site.

Jason Commented on Brown Thoughts blog

I like the sezwho widge but can’t seem to get the pictures to show up…… Sure I will figure it out, but up for an answers. I get a picture when I scroll over the link, but there are no Pictures on my actual site???

Following comments are from Entre Card Forum it self.

Dot Com Mogul Said:

Pointless, time sucking, slow loading

Will not comment on blogs with it and will not install it on mine.

Fabulously Jinxed Said:

Worth it? Not for me. It slowed my blog down and it had to go. And I really didn’t like that it was collecting commenting data from non-registered users. I’m not sure that the info wasn’t stored in the database table, but my peeps don’t like that stuff.

As far as getting more comments, well, I tried Intense Debate for about 45 minutes today and people had fun playing with it. Too bad it’s buggy as all hell and didn’t offer the features I like from my own commenting system. If that ever gets fixed I’m going to try it again.

Fantasy Baseball Said:

I tried it for a little while. Their issues caused my blog to run slow. Twice in two weeks (I had it before others.) Me no likey widgets that slow down blog. Also, all things considered equal it’s a pretty unnecessary feature on a blog. That gets old after about 12 days.

My Recommendation is that you should wait till the plugin is bug free Or you should install the plugin manually and  host the CSS and JavaScript on your own site as suggested by PoemofQuotes Blog owner. But I have not tried this approach myself and I highly doubt that it even works as it is apparent that Sez Who code is full of bugs and will force your WordPress installation to a grinding halt especially if you are hosted on a shared hosting environment.


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18 Responses to “Strong Reasons Why you should not install SezWho Plugin”

  1. fragileheart says:

    Hi R Mak, interesting article… I was just wondering though, would you mind giving us the link for your source of information that allowed you make this statement: “The whole concept of Entre Card is so bizarre that it is being termed by Google and Alexa as spam.” Thanks a million! :)

  2. Jitendra says:

    Hey, Jitendra from SezWho here:

    To address the issue with the slowness of the blogs, we are adding the option to have local CSS and JS for your sites. This will make sure that site are not dependent on SezWho for loading time. On Blogger, we have had a few issues with the layout and to address it we are implementing a template based solution for it which should be available soon. This will enable full customization.

    Also please feel free to send us emails at for any slowdowns etc. and we will be happy to investigate. Typically we take about 30ms to load the CSS and about 50ms for the js. The blogger users see the slowdown as UI is shown dynamically, only after most of the page is loaded and depending on the number of widgets that might be slowed down. So this is really a perception issue…The template based approach will fix that problem as well.

    Also there should be no issues with Google related to SezWho..SezWho displays the connections between blogs based on comments and commentets on demand…It does not effect the crawling of the site and as such there should be no penalties associated with it.

    Hope this clears things up.

    Thanks, Jitendra

  3. R. MAK. says:

    Hi, Jitendra,

    Nice to have you on my blog. The whole concept of giving incentives for commenting on people’s blog is absurd. This is waste of internet.

    You are trying to erode the line between publishers and readers.

    That being said. Google does not penalize SezWho but in a way it does by ignoring circular links. some times the crawler assume that it’s link farm as a closed group of people commenting on each other’s blog creating back links. such links are worth nothing.

    Also the point of discussion is not Google’s view of SezWho. Its the bug fixing your team has to do. It slows down sites and your company has to come up with a solution. and Fast…

    I do understand your Marketing teams concerns about Positive Public Relation Strategy, but there is nothing you can do about bad code but fix it. You are not microsoft for god sake…

    I hope you don’t take this article negatively and take it as a positive criticism.

  4. Jitendra says:

    R Mak,

    Not taken negatively at all…

    Users keep us on our toes and we have and will respond with solutions really fast…Keep an eye out for a new solution for the blogger look/feel and slow down issues today.


  5. R. MAK. says:

    I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. Susan says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I usually use a tool on Pingdom to measure time for a site to load.

  7. Dollar Dude says:

    Yes… You’re correct. Google is going to slap the entrecard users. Let us see in the next update- How many bloggers are crying?

  8. Gary says:

    What evidence do you have for any of the Google/Alexa statements you make?

    Absent any sort of proof, I think you are just making it up.

  9. R. MAK. says:

    Who on earth , except Google/Alexa , know how page ranking and other alogrithams work.

    We at best only can make intelligent guesses based on our own and our fellow webmaster’s experiences.

    I am not “making it up”. Few intelligent and successful bloggers and SEO guru’s who own PR 6 – 7 websites have shared their experience. I have thought its good idea to pass this information along to the community.

    If you don’t like it or don’t believe in it… just ignore it. there is no point arguing about it…

  10. paresh says:

    thanks for sharing.

  11. Lisa says:

    I came across your blog while searching for review on SEZWHO as I have just installed it on my blog but unable to get the picture to show on my site.

    Loading is a killer too…

    I took it out after few times of loading… :(

    Lisas last blog post..LINK LOVE

  12. Frank J says:

    Though I am not familiar with Sez

  13. Albert says:

    Thanks for your great review. I was just about wondering if it was worth it and then I bumped into your review. Thanks.

  14. Joseph McNiesh says:

    Napoleon Bonaparte: “rober”
    should be “Robert”
    Thanks for the quote. It reminds me of the Gulf War in 1991.

  15. I can’t understand why Google would implement a nofollow attribute. They should have thought of other creative ways to pick up on comment spam. The nofollow tag eliminates incentive to share content, and the whole idea of the internet is to benefit from each other, and share ideas and information. It is a shame most blogs these days, and wikis, by default come prepackaged with the nofollow attribute. I wonder how many people actually understand the effects of a nofollow tag, or are aware of its existence.

  16. To address the issue with the slowness of the blogs, we are adding the option to have local CSS and JS for your sites. This will make sure that site are not dependent on SezWho for loading time. On Blogger, we have had a few issues with the layout and to address it we are implementing a template based solution for it which should be available soon. This will enable full customization.


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