How One Hour Can Make A Difference: A Social Media Marketing Experiment

Posted on 29 July 2008

Yesterday I was sitting with a few friends discussing traffic trends of my blogs. Following idea came up and I thought it would be great if I could share it with you over here. Idea is very simple. Its very similar to creating a traffic club but on a smaller scale. Let me explain this in detail.

If you are still interested you are very likely to be a fellow blogger like me, striving to create original content, submitting it religiously submitting it to social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Mangolia, Mixx to name a few, only to watch it going down and off the pages after few hours. It breaks my heart to see the articles and posts sinking see deep inside these pages that after few days they bring no more than a few clicks a day and that too if the post is really interesting.

I have realized , like most of you , that first hour is very important for the story on any social bookmarking site. Take Reddit for example, if you don’t get about 30 up votes and 10 – 15 comments in first hour of submission, don’t ever expect your story to ever see the first page…. so what we can do about it… It’s a million dollar question. well I have designed a small experiment below that might answer this question..

The Idea is to create a virtual club of people that will meet for one hour in a chat room / IM conference. This group will work on 5 – 10 stories each day. I also think that we should start with Reddit and then expand the horizon after we review first week’s results. One member will submit a story, other will upvote it and put intelligent comments on it during next 15 – 30 minutes.

We would need 20 – 30 Volunteers for start, Only commit if you can give one hour daily for a week at a fixed time during 10:00am to 03:00pm  Mountain Time. We expect you to be responsive to your IM and in chartroom during that hour.

This one hour a day can mean a new dimension in social media marketing and can mean the breakthrough in you blogging life. so forget about EntreCard and SezWho.. let’s experiment. I can guarantee 200 to 500 visits to every one and one of us might get lucky with our favorite post…

So to start with, leave your Instant Messenger ID in comments section and the time during which you will be available for the experiment. I will add you to my IM and invite you to the conference and we can all then take things further from there..

Let’s Do it Folks…. There is money to be made :)

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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6 Responses to “How One Hour Can Make A Difference: A Social Media Marketing Experiment”

  1. TJ says:

    I can give it a shot!

  2. Øyvind says:

    I would like to try this, its best after 20pm EST.

  3. R. MAK. says:

    My MSN ID:
    My Skype ID: rmak78
    Gmail IM ID:

    We will roll after we have 15 people on board… what do you think…

  4. Roseate says:


    I was thinking of starting a group too, but for 3-4 social

    I have joined social groups before, but they weren’t organized well… so hope this group will be fine with committed members :)

    Any way, here is my ID:

    Please give me the time in GMT that you need me to be online.

    Also I would like to undrestand more abut how it will work… you said we will vote for 5-10 stories every day… so will it be that every member will submitt one story per 3 days?!
    (that’s in case of 30 members).

    Thanks & Best Regards,



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